Learning Skincare, Should Or Shouldn’t? Where To Learn Skincare

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Learning skincare is now attracting many people, from young people to middle-aged women. They all seem to pay great attention to these classes. Skincare courses are also diverse, from basic to advanced courses. Vo Dung Beauty & SPA International Academy will provide you with the necessary information about skincare courses in the article below to help you learn and select the most suitable one.


The trend of learning beauty at SPAs is increasing day by day. The reason that many people are now interested in skincare classes is undoubted because of the benefits it brings. SPA learners will be equipped with complete skincare knowledge and skills to take care of their skin or loved ones. An apprenticeship SPA helps you know how to take care to own bright, smooth skin. Possessing beautiful skin is also a necessary part for those who work in this industry. Imagine if your skin has a lot of acne, freckles, signs of ageing, uneven colour. How can you advise customers on your beauty services?

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Skincare classes will equip learners with knowledge about cosmetics and skin types. From there, you can choose the most suitable cosmetics for your skin and understand the ingredients commonly found in these skincare products to advise your customers.

In addition, you also know how to take care of yourself to fit and keep in shape. A SPA worker not only owns gorgeous skin but also has a well-proportioned body. Those are the benefits you get when you know how to take care of your body from the inside. When combining with diet and exercise, your body will always be full of vitality.

Where to start when learning skincare?

Many people are still wondering if they are suitable for this course or where to start learning skincare? The answer is just simple that:

When participating in well-trained and thorough skincare classes, you will learn the most in-depth knowledge. You will understand the skin more about its structure, function, and appendages and accurately classify different skin types. In addition, you will learn about the head and neck anatomy, such as facial bones, lymphatics, nerves and blood supply to the head, face and neck, etc., to supplement the skincare process.

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You will expose the current beauty technology trend on the market by learning about the machines used in SPAs. Moreover, you also know the process of setting up beds, towels, and strollers according to international and high-class standards, as well as taking care of your client, greetings and conduct a consultation on each of them.

Learning how to take care of your skin correctly will help you become a world-class expert in this industry, from postures, greetings, consulting to customers to skin identification and analysis and cosmetic composition analysis for customers, facial massage skills, proficient use of the machine, etc.


Before starting any course, there might be lots of things going on in your mind. You need to carefully choose to avoid wasting time and effort, as well as money. Vo Dung Beauty & SPA International Academy will give you some tips before choosing a skincare apprenticeship:

Choose a reputable place to learn skincare

Currently, many SPAs offer skincare courses. People might wonder which place to choose since most of them advertise equally well, confusing people.

We want to advise you to choose a school, as the school will have enough training levels from theory to practice and can clearly show you the curriculum, the degree you can achieve after the course, some with a free trial program, or participate in some knowledge sharing sessions that the school offer. At that time, you can take a look at the facilities, communicate directly with the instructor of the program you will be studying, and your choice will be more accurate.

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Many people who lacked research did not have a chance to see the instructors’ curriculum, degrees, and qualifications and only saw the flashy facilities and register, thus making the wrong decision. Therefore, be careful to choose a place that teaches well so that you can learn with confidence.

Do not rush to believe in advertising images as well as promises. Do not judge the book by its cover, as some places might seem glamorous on the outside but lack quality.

It is vital that you go directly to the teaching institution to find out more information. You can instantly judge from the facility’s scale whether the quality of the teachers is the same as advertised. It is best to choose a centre that offers you a trial lesson. After taking a trial session, you can assess whether you are suitable for the skincare course there or not.

Skincare should be studying a package course, not in individual part

Many places have divided the skincare training course into individual parts to get the low advertised price. However, for those just starting to enter the SPA industry who want to graduate and have a job, you should take a package course to ensure you have the most necessary knowledge and skills.

Learning the individual part of a course will only help you meet one or a small portion of the workload required in the SPA. If you want to achieve more, you will have to take additional classes, which will cost more time and money. Learning all the knowledge helps you have a good base and more confidence when working at SPAs.

Learning skincare requires perseverance and diligence

Learning the profession of skincare is not too difficult. However, it is not easy to become a professional or highly skilled skin care specialist. To do that, you need to have diligence and study hard to hone new knowledge and skills constantly.

Many SPAs will notice you by becoming a specialist and it will more accessible for you to find a job with high salary. If there is an opportunity, you can even open your own SPA business.

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LEARN PROFESSIONAL SKINCARE AT Vo Dung Beauty & SPA International Academy

When other professions fall into a state of “saturation” in human resources, the SPA industry still gives you many job opportunities. Vo Dung Beauty & SPA International Academy is confident to be the only provider of international standard skincare courses in Vietnam. After completing the vocational courses, you can easily apply for a job at any beauty salon or SPA.

We are confident to offer the world’s cheapest tuition in the international SPA school system, giving more people the chance to access world-class skin care classes.

We hope the above information will help you. Contact us now to get the best deals on skincare courses at our school.