Is it challenging to learn and enter the SPA industry? Things to know when learning about SPA

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Apprenticeship is considered a current trend. In particular, SPA apprenticeships is a common choice among the youth. A SPA career is regarded as one of the simple jobs to follow with a stable income. However, people need to have a careful vision of this profession and self-access if it’s a good fit before starting. Let’s know more about this “money-making” profession with Vo Dung Beauty & SPA International Academy.

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It must be the question among many people who want to study SPA. The SPA profession, in general, is not as tricky as other industries. This profession also requires some conditions:

  • An apprenticeship in beauty care does not require you to have a high degree in education. However, you also have to finish middle school (or better yet, high school). It will ensure you can understand and grasp the knowledge.
  • This profession also requires you to have confidence and passion for the job. Knowledge in the SPA industry is extensive in various fields such as skin Medicine, Oriental Medicine in acupressure massage, herbs, human body, aesthetic equipment, cosmetic ingredients, etc. This knowledge is constantly improved and updated. Therefore, you must catch up to date so as not to be left behind.
  • The SPA profession is for those who are meticulous and skilful. These are jobs related to machines and beauty. Therefore, learners must be conscientious about avoiding making mistakes. It will also be necessary for you to be patient as sometimes SPA treatments can take more than an hour.
  • You do not have to be too solid or muscular to follow this profession, but you need to perform the proper techniques and postures to pressure guests during the process. 
  • So what the best thing to do when learning the SPA profession is to find you the right teacher who can provide proper training, correct posture, technique, and even hygiene and safety in the SPA.

What can SPA learners do?

Many people mistakenly believe that learning SPA is only available for one job as a SPA specialist. The fact that SPA learners can have a variety of job opportunities depending on the speciality that they chose, will also provide them with an appropriate position, such as:

  1. Basic SPA technician

Basic SPA technicians are the most employed job in the SPA industry nowadays. The primarily part for Basic SPA technicians is massage, reflexology and primary skincare. This job only requires knowing how to use standard aesthetic equipment. And the rest, you will be trained by the SPA owner. They will need you to acquire more SPA knowledge at their salon diligently. Mainly skills are required rather than understanding because this part will be in charge by consultants and treatment technicians.

  1. Treatment technician

This type of work requires more knowledge of SPA and cosmetology. You need to know more about the treatment procedures and use of the aesthetic machine to advise and give relevant answers.

Treatment technicians are required to learn in-depth knowledge in the industry. In addition, the treatment technician also needs to consult and give a treatment plan to the customer.

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  1. Consultant/sales staff

This job requires you to have complete knowledge of SPA and cosmetology. You also need to know how to communicate and behave skillfully. A good-looking appearance is an advantage for consulting, and their task is to find sources of customers for the SPA and advise on the SPA’s existing services.

  1. SPA management staff

This position is responsible for managing the entire operation of the SPA. You will have to manage the whole staff working in the SPA. At the same time, some SPAs require the manager to be involved in the strategy development process to attract customers.

Things to know when learning about SPA

Before you start learning about SPA, keep the following things in mind:

Learn more about the courses

Currently, SPAs have a plethora of different courses. It can be an entire course or an individual course. Depending on your demand, you can choose the appropriate course package. A complete course package is recommended for those who want to become a SPA business owner.

Self-evaluate whether you are suitable to enter the SPA industry

Not everyone can start and succeed with a SPA career. To avoid wasting time, effort and money, evaluate yourself whether you are suitable for this profession or not. Don’t just follow the current trend. If you do not have a passion for beauty, it will be tough to develop a long-term career.

Choose a reputable SPA school

It is not difficult to find a place offering SPA courses. However, finding a quality place is essential. Consult and learn more about the centre that you are interested in is a significant part. You can refer to the reviews of students and acquaintances who have experience studied at the school.

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Vo Dung Beauty & SPA International Academy have years of experience. 

You can rely upon Vo Dung Beauty & SPA International Academy as this is one of the leading units in SPA training ever. After completing the course at Vo Dung, you can confidently work anywhere. In addition, Vo Dung Academy also supports students to find a job or help with a SPA set-up if they intend to open one.

A team of teachers with many years of experience and the curriculum compile according to international standards can assure the student of training quality.

Hope this article has provided you with information to make the best decision before entering this industry.